CDS 11.16.10

Presented by Quintin Kittle, AIA, McKnight Property Management


recommended reading: B141, A101, A201 documents

In general, CONTRACT DOCUMENTS consist of:

  • bidding documents
  • project manual
    • general conditions of the contract
    • supplemental conditions
  • drawings
  • specifications
  • addenda


  • two parties — OWNER and CONTRACTOR (not the architect!)
  • modified by supplemental (or supplementary) conditions
  • related to
    • owner-architect agreement
    • Division-01 specification


  • unique to each project
  • modifies the general conditions
  • does NOT address specification-level detail
  • includes:
    • insurance requirements
    • payment terms and process
    • liquidated damages
    • bonus clauses/ penalty clauses
    • equal-opportunity employment (EOE)
    • retainage
    • tax-exempt status of owner

(more content to be added soon!)


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