IMPORTANT Changes to the ARE Testing Process


What’s your New Years Resolution?  To complete the ARE’s by 2014!?   Please be aware, during the Summer of 2013 there will be a 8 weekish “BLACKOUT” testing period where you will NOT be able to take an ARE exam.  YIKES!  Think of it as NCARB’s gift to you, you have a summer.  But in all seriousness, this means you need to do some serious planning for 2013!

Some important changes:

  1. Alpine Testing Solutions will be taking over content and candidate management – NCARB has said that the testing material will NOT change, so keep on studying those resources you have… we’re still in ARE4.0
  2. A new portal in your NCARB account.  After getting used to that lovely updated Prometric website, you now will have a “one stop shopping” place to schedule exams, get exam information, rolling-clock dates, exam history, score reports, and more with your NCARB account.  (I think this means no more USPS mail delivery of your scores).  YEAH!  Score reports will hopefully come faster!  Sounds lovely, let’s hope this works.
  3. All candidates get a 12-week extension on the rolling-clock.  (However, our YAF friendly advice : Try to keep up with New Years resolution #2… no procrastination!)
  4. Where do I take the AREs after the Blackout?  Don’t worry, you’re friendly BFF Prometric staff members will still ask you to empty your pockets, squish your ear plugs before you enter the testing room, and tell you to relax.   You will be still testing at Prometric, just how you register, get your score, etc will change.
  5. Blackout begins JULY 1st and ends “Late August”.  What does this mean??
  • No Exam is scheduled or taken on or after July 1st 2013, and until the end of the blackout.
  • LAST DAY to take exam before blackout is JUNE 30, 2013!
  • Prometric will be scoring exams till June 30, 2013.
  • The last day to contact Prometric to receive authorization to test or candidate ID numbers will be June 30, 2013.
  • You will NOT be able to request eligibility to take exam during the Blackout… if you’re eligible and ready, do this before!
  • You will also NOT be able to update your name or address during the Blackout.

Planning for the Blackout

  1. Review your ARE testing plan
  2. Find your ARE candidate ID and authorization to test (both on your ARE score reports)
  3. IF you cannot find your a past score report : you will need to contact your state board prior to June 30, 2013 to get this information.  This information will be REQUIRED to gain access when the new My NCARB site kicks up.
  4. Make sure your NCARB report is ACTIVE.  All things ARE related will now associated with the My NCARB report after this Blackout, requiring test takers to pay those NCARB dues.

A link to the discussed changes on NCARB:

Information on Alpine Testing Solutions

More Information to follow as announced by NCARB.


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